Where is my Brain? WIP

Hi Unrealers!
(sorry for my bad english…)

I thought i posted a thread about my first Project already, but it’s gone. So i post a new one.

Currently i’m working on a Project for my son. Do never promise to make a game (it’s getting realy hard if you new to UE4). The idea is a simple jump and run. But simple is not easy. But i do my best and for now i’m a one-Person-Group to make this game. RESPECT to all guys that making a game.

So what’s the game? I call it “Where is my brain?”. You are playing a Robot, that looses his HDD. The big Masterbot stole the HDD and now you have to find it. On his way through the Levels, he have to find data-discs. With this discs he can upgrade weapons and so on. Now i have 4 Levels, but i want to make more. But thats a lot of work.

This game is planed as a Free-to-Play game. There is no pay2win or something. It is free for all. I have a lot of fun making it, but i know it is not that professionel like others, but hey: Just for fun right? :o)

If you want to visit my Homepage:

To Download the Alpha click here:

Here are the gameplayvideo from the Alpha:

I hope you like it or whatever :o)

Keep on coding

Thanks to all the help from this great community.