Where is MayaMLDeformer.zip

I download the ML Deformer Data Generation Maya Plugin on ML Deformer,but I can’t find it in the
Plugins folder in my UE5 install directory .
I want to know where is it?


Following. I also would like to know. Thanks.

Alright, took a gander, and made this work.

I installed UE_5.0 on my additional drive on D:/ for storage space concerns. So just substitute the path to your UE_5.0 path on your machine.

Then executed this code which is my path updating, followed by the code from the Epic provided userSetup.py in that directory. You can add this to your userSetup.py and then it works.

import os, sys
sys.path.append('D:/Epic Games/UE_5.0/MLDeformer')

# Copyright Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved
import traceback
from maya import cmds
import os

AUTOACTIVATE = not bool(os.getenv("NOAUTOACTIVATE"))
RUNLEVEL = int(os.getenv("RUNLEVEL", 5))

def deferred():
    """Defer installation

    Depends on Maya's GUI having booted up prior to installing
    which is what this little function is responsible for.

        from mldeformer.ui.maya.integration.menu import interactive
        run_level = RUNLEVEL
        print("Installing generator")
        interactive.install(auto_activate=AUTOACTIVATE, runlevel=run_level)
    except Exception:


Hope this helps anyone else looking for the aforementioned MayaMLDeformer.zip file. I presume this is just an oversight in documentation with a new product release and toolkit. Be grand if they update the docs to reflect this. Thanks, -David.