Where is Geometry Panel In Place Mode


I recently got a license for UE4. I tried following a few tutorials, but they showed a Geometry panel under Place Mode, which I don’t have. I only have Basic, Lights and Visual, but no Geometry. How do I fix this? Is this a bug or is this something that changed with newer releases?

I don’t have BSP, All Classes or Volumes. I’m using 4.6 .

Nevermind, Content Browser was covering last three tabs. Thanks anyways!

Hey CivvyThePanda,

In 4.6, there’s Recently Placed, Basic, Lights, Visual, BSP, Volumes, and All Classes in Place Mode panel. Geometry is now BSP section. It should look like this:

Are you using a different version?

That’s strange, it’s been like this for a few versions now, though I think it was called Geometry until 4.5. Are you using binary version, downloaded through Launcher? If so, close editor and try going to Library section of Launcher. In yellow drop down menu for 4.6.0, select Verify. Then open up project again. If it’s still missing, check to see if this occurs in a new project or only in your current project.

Oh, hah, I should have thought of that!

Why rename it? All of documentation refers to it as “Geometry”.

BSP is a more accurate term for what this tool does, and “Geometry” can be misleading if you’re not familiar with what BSPs are for. You can read a bit about BSPs here:

documentation is being continually updated, so it’s possible those parts that still refer to it as Geometry haven’t been changed yet.