Where is "Explorer window" or how can i open it?

From “Implementing Blueprint Interfaces” in document, I try to override the interface blueprint. But i can’t find “Explorer window”.


The documentation on this page needs to be updated as the screens are dated, but it is referring to the section below:


Your functions will be listed under this section and you can open them up and edit them there.



I was under the impression that you guys know that this has not been implemented but considering that image, I have to post this issue then.

The interface functions that are in your shot, are not listed in any of my blueprints while I implement interfaces regularly. This is a shot of such blueprint interface:

And this is one of the actors that is using this interface:

Am I doing something wrong or maybe you’re using a new UE4 version that hasn’t come out yet?


Do both of your functions in the interface contain only an Input and no Output? In order for it to show up, you’ll need to create an Output in the Interface. Try creating an Out for your variables as well.

Oh I see, so the functions have to return something in order for the interface function to show up there.

Don’t fully understand the reason behind it, but sure, I’ll add an unused bool output to these from now on. Thanks.

Thank you.