Where is (dino)_AIController_BP

Sooo i want to make a mod were most hervibores aggresive, and i heard somewhere that i can change, for example the trikes AI so the trike has the gigantopithecus AI (only attacks when you touch it), and its supposedly in (dino)_AIController_BP, but i cant find it. Also i want to make that (for example) if you get too close to a galli, it will attack you, but it will flee if it sees that you are riding a tamed allo, a tamed allo nearby and a wild allo

You can find the reference to AI controller BPs in the Character BPs… just bring up a reference map and you’ll see it’s connected.

However note that AI controllers also contain distance data that determines the creatures ranges of attack… that links back to their size and animation. You probably will need to modify the Trike AI controller and the PrimalData files to ensure that the Trike is in an appropriate aggro group (you basically define it as a carnivore which attacks anything, and then remove target classes until it only attacks what you want).

I haven’t modded Ark for almost a year, but that’s what I remember. Hope it helps.