Where is destructive option?


I’m using unreal 4.

I made a cube, gave it a collision, converted it to blueprint class, it was created in my content folder, now I right-clicked the cube in the content window, but there is no ‘destructive something’ on the mouse click menu.

It just doesn’t appear no matter what I do. There is no destruct related anything in any window or even in editor window. Nothing. Clicked the cube in the scene but nothing either.

Where can I find it?

You have to do a right click on your mesh and not the blueprint :slight_smile:

I did that too, I clicked cube in the scene, cube in the content window, cube in editor, all the cube I could click :frowning:

Which engine version do you use? -> with 4.8 it should work correctly (tested it).

It says… 4.76

I made new scene and clicked new random asset then it shows create destructive mesh…
Why some mesh or in some project it didn’t appear?..was that error I guess?

Thx for the reply, I just closed everything and made new map, then it works.

The only thing that I can think of is, that the object that you have clicked on was not a mesh. Otherwise it sounds like a temporary bug -> so just copy everything into your new map and it will be fixed :smiley:

I make everything from scratch as a beginner, maybe I made some mistake, thx