Where is "Destructibles Content Example" in 4.18

I was download “Content Example” project from the Learn tab of the Epic Game Launcher. But, I cannot find the “Destructibles Content Example” in the project. Where is it in 4.18?

I am also looking that level. I tried to activate the plugin of Physx too but nothing is appearing.

I have also downloaded the Content Examples project from the Learn Tab in the Epic Games Launcher. I have looked through all the included Maps and I’m unable to find the Destructibles Content Examples that is mentioned in the documentation and is considered a Physics Example in the Content Examples section of the documentation. Is this Map missing, being updated for 4.18.1, is there another package that includes the Destructibles Content Examples?

Are you find now?

It’s not an answer.

As a side note the Destructibles Content Examples page has a list of several examples that are not linked to more information like the other Example pages.

yeah - seems like it is gone.

Maybe because apex is a plugin now?

It is still on the page but not in the example content engine:

I made a bug request … got the answer

I have brought this to the attention of the docs team and they will be working on this. Let me know if you have any other questions.

I hope they include it again in 4.20

I hope too.

The current documentation says:

As of engine version 4.18 APEX Destruction was moved to a plugin and this example content was removed from Content Examples. To view this content, you must download Unreal Engine version 4.17 or before and create a Content Examples project using the same engine version.

Having 4.17 just for these sounds a bit messy tho

Hmm, it’s messy. But the solution are looks like good for now.