Where is Death Match Mode????

I need to standard player with a weapon to test some physics assets and I cannot find a UTDeathmatch mode in UDK 4.2

Has this been removed?

If so how do I get this to work?

And I would highly suggest if it HAS been removed that you put it back.

Thanks for any help.

UDK and UE4 are very different things now, this is not UDK 4.2

there is a fiirst person shooter template that you can use that has a basic gun and projectile (bullet) if thats not enough you can download the shootergame sample from the marketplace.

Ok thanks, where is the first person shooter template located?

when you first open the engine its under the new projects tab, if you wanna use c++ use the c++ first person template or if you just wanna get straight into the engine use the blueprint first person template

Cool thanks for the help.