where is Data dump for UE4Editor?

Is there a website for dumping editor settings similar to for code or for pasting Blue Print?
I ask this because it can be tedious scrubbing videos to discover editor settings and want to know where I can find editor settings without having to scrub tedious videos all the time.

Is there a way to quickly look at anything that has been changed in the Editor from its defaults?

Maybe the way I am saying this is confusing. Is there a way to quickly pull out changes that have been made in the GUI aspect of UE4 or just to the Engine if that makes more sense, for educational purposes?

I don’t think there is anything like that. There’s not even a good way to copy the changes from the editor.

Run a Diff on the INI’s???

yeah, that’s what I thought. They really need to put diffing this information on their TODO list. Their should be an easy way to extract that information. it would really make studying tutorials a lot lot easier.