Where is content example eye shader?

I’m in editor ver4.14 and I downloaded the content examples But there is no eye shader in any of levels.Where is it? can somebody migrated for me if it removed from 4.14.

I’ve downloaded for 4.15 and there’s an eye model with this shader in there, in the project folders.

There is no project folder.You mean maps folder? Whats the name of level?

You can either view the example map for character rendering, which is located in Maps/Character_Rendering in Content Examples’ content browser or you can navigate to the assets directly via ExampleContent\Character_Rendering\CharacterRendering_Eyes\Eyes

Did you find it?
You should download “Contents Example” from the launcher’s “Learn” Tab. for at least after “4.10” version.

Then you will find “Contents Example” Project in Vault.
Execute it and the folder of ExampleContent\Character_Rendering\CharacterRendering_Eyes\Eyes
They have materials and textures and meshes so on.

** I personally think it’s not optimized well, and it’s for just a showcase example. You better use it as a reference. I wouldn’t dare to just using directly anything from the content examples.

Yeah, it’s above 3.000 polys for each eye model, kind of absurd…

you can use only for LOD 0 for example, they eyes are awesome

I agree it’s awesome in LOD 0 Distance range.

But far range… I personally think it is not a good choice, because of the value is not being seen. Definitely need to improve the shader code :{

Yeah, there’s no reason to use it from far away. That’s true, indie games will rarely need closeup scenes though so I have never used this eye shader for anything :wink:

For LOD 1 you can change the mesh and the material.

I going to use for my game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes! My content is a little old. I downloaded the new version and find it. Thanks