Where is Clear Timer Event in UE 4.9.0?


I am currently studying the Twin Stick Shooter Tutorial and at about 7:50 of Video 10 - Weapon Firing Behavior, the guide says to create a Clear Timer event. However, I do not see that on UE 4.9. Here is a screenshot of the video and a screenshot of my Event Graph with the search open to show it not being there:

Please help as I would like to complete this tutorial.

Clear Timer has been changed to Clear Timer by Handle in 4.9.

You need to promote the handle of timer as you set it, then use that handle for Clear Timer.

It does not seem to operate the same way. Clear Timer can be utilized in this context to clear the timer on the Fire action. Clear Timer by Handle does not seem to have that functionality.

Okay. I am a beginner at utilizing the Unreal Engine. Is there a tutorial for this?

This is not all the data. If you can tell from this, would this work?

I have not completed the tutorial, yet. I was checking to see if it should work based on the event graph.

I dont think there is a timer specific tutorial yet but here is how you do it:

First drag from the blue pin and promote it to a variable.

Name it anything you like. I named it TimerHandle here. You’ll see the variable appear on the left side. Drag&Drop and Get that variable, then plug it to Clear Timer By Handle like so:

You can also do this if you dont want to create a new variable for every timer:

But it can be difficult to manage as your blueprint gets crowded.

Yes, it should work. Is it not working for you?

Oh ok. Yeah, it should work. Let us know if it doesnt for some reason, and keep in mind that you can always use Print String node to check if something is working or not(i.e. plug a Print Screen node after Clear Timer and if the custom event works you should be able to see Hello on the left side of the screen during play.)

For some reason, the pull trigger action only executes once per program execution. I utilized both Clear Timer by Handle examples and I attempted to reset the action on Clear Timer. It does not work.

I dont understand the exact problem but, have you set the timer to Looping? And have you plugged clear timer’s white output pin on the right to DoOnce’s Reset?

No problem, but it should work with Clear Timer doing the Reset so i dont know whats up with that. Also you dont need that TimerHandle variable if you are going to keep the clear timer nearby like that. Just delete it and then plug Set Timer’s blue pin to Clear Timer’s.

With your help, I managed to develop it to work, properly. Instead of plugging Clear Timer by Handle to Reset, I plugged the Return value of Set Time by Function Name (Timer Handle as you named it), Timer Handle to the the Reset pin of the DoOnce action.

Here is the working PullTrigger Event Graph:

Thank you for your assistance, Jacky!

I understand what you mean, now. It works with Set-Timer’s blue pin (Return Value) set to Clear Timer. I switched it, a bit, so Set Timer Exec (white pin) goes to reset and Release Trigger’s Exec goes to Clear Timer.

I had same problem with this tutorial.
I used your solution, but the problem that you don`t control how many bullets the gun fire in second.
So, I solved this by enable “Loop” in “Set Timer”, and “Clear timer” connected to Reset of “DoOnce”.

Thank you so Much!

i did this way and it works to

Thank You I was having The same problem and once you guys showed me It helped a lot