Where is "cine camera component" in blueprint?

In blueprint, i can get normal camera component very easily. But I cannot find “cine camera component” after 2 days of googling.

I want to connect “cine camera actor” to “get current focal length” node. But there is no way to connect them without a “cine camera component” in between.

Anyone please help me T_T

Hi, there. Just checked it myself because I could not believe they would do that ^^

It is there :slight_smile: Within the Actor. Add Component → write Cine into the SearchComponent field. And you are good to go :slight_smile:

I am happy to help, Marooney.

Or when you need to Pick a Parent class when creating a new Blueprint, you will find it here as well :slight_smile:

I am not sure about your usecase though.

Ok i guess, you are trying the window crop thing we were talking about? But what do you want to connect?
Actor with the CineCameraActor? Why not just Actor with CineCamera Component? Whatever needs to be calculated for that needs to be done anyway within the Character.

Nice to see you again :smiley:
I know how to add cine camera component in actor’s properties, but I don’t know how to add the cine camera component in level blueprint.

I am doing 3d stereo animation rendering and need to render wider images for convergence adjustment in after effects.

Finally I use “get components by class”, which does the same thing i think, and it works for now :D.

Hi there, just tested this out by myself. Perhaps you want to know what you were banging your head against. I was about to try to “expose” the Component by creating a OwnCineCameraActor based on CineCameraActor. You have the required Camera Component in there.

The strange bug is: Even when it says it is type of CineCameraComponent: As soon as you want to access it you just get it as CameraComponent. So you need to cast it:

Hope that clears things up for you :slight_smile: You got tricked by an editor bug, but you tricked back anyway :slight_smile:

I have filed a bug report to let some heads bang back :wink:

Thanks a lot. I am new to ue4 and still don’t know about “cast to” thingy. Now I learned this new thing :smiley: