Where is blueprint node `Game/SpawnActorFromClass` defined?

Hi, does anyone know how blueprint node Game/SpawnActorFromClass is defined? It seems that it is not defined in a single file but i cannot figure it out how it is organized and presented in blueprint.

(no Go To Definition option)

The background is that i was writing a custom blueprint node which receives a TSubclassOf<AActor> ActorClass parameter and would the node to expand pins according to the class’s exposed variables (i.e., turning the Expose on Spawn toggle on in the class’s blueprint).

Hello, anyone here :wink:

This is a custom node and not just a simple UFUNCTION call like most nodes.

K2Node_SpawnActor.h / .cpp

Thanks! It is indeed a custom node implemented in a different way from most other ordinary nodes. It seems to me that there is no way to directly call this node from other places or inherit from it. If I want to implement my custom bp node, I think I have to copy and paste the code …