Where is all armour?

I been using UE for a while and bought both characters and weapons and now I want to make a small project where I have a character with armour slots so when you put for example a helmet in the headslot it will appear on the character… But noo there are no armourpacks to find in the marketplace… Best I found was a sci fi character where the dev nicely had added the separate pieces of the mesh so you could chose head or helmet and some armour pieces… But if you want to make a rpg it would be nice with lots of different armour assets but I cant find any.

I get it different chars have different bodies and so on but would it be so hard to have some standard human model with tons of different armour pieces? Usually you can resize and fit it on similar chars with some work…

Or maybe it exist but I just havent found it? Please give me a hint.

most 3d art assets will be engine agnostic. Any fbx file should be compatible with unreal engine.

So you dont need to limit search to just the marketplace. You can look at general 3d stores, other game engine stores, etc.

You may need to do some processing, like bind the model to unreal skeleton, but that’s just stuff you got to do sometimes when you depend on third party assets.

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