Where is a good place to see artists' portfolios for game characters?

What websites are good to look at artists’ modelling work?

One of the reasons is, I want to see what level of fidelity is possible. Another is to see the different levels of skills out there: what is good, what is great? Which is 3D sculpture, which is game-ready? that sort of thing.

An ability to browse by subject would be nice, but not vital.

Also, it would probably be best if it wasn’t NSFW. :slight_smile:

Might want to check out https://www.artstation/. =)

://www.polycount/ is where all the cool kids hangout :). It’s a great community with some amazing artists in it and a lot of threads showing progression of a project from beginning to end.

This is a good one for people showing off their portfolios


Here is also a good site: :// (especially when you are looking for blender artists) :wink: