Where is a character rotation first set?

I’m looking to set a standard of rotation for my character class. All of my characters would obey this rule I want to implement. I’m trying to find where the characters rotation is first set in the Character movement Component. Because by default the character’s upvector is facing up Z and it stays that way, most thing ignore the rotation of the character or simply force the character to stay that way. However, I’ve gone through and changed most of that stuff to not do that, but I still can’t find where the capsule rotation is maintained from the start. This would need to be a tick event type thing (I think) because in my game the upvector is always pointed at a specific coordinate so every it will constantly need to update to be doing that.

I found a different way to achieve goals, but before I did the closest thing I found was in the Character Movement Component, the section UpdateBasedMovement().