Where indie game developers found free testers?

Hello, I see at this forum a ;ot of topics with screenshots, but where you found testers, and share .exe file with them? Yes, you can share it with friends, but they can be easy with you, and they may not know Unreal Engine at all. I saw that some youtubers check WIP games, but they dont have new videos. And, just for example, imagine that you come up with super interesting new game idea, parents of friends to which you give your game call you, because they kid playing your game 24/7, secret government organizations spy on you, beccause they think that you some kind of wizzard … , but you dont have a lot of time to finist this game, and someone stealing your idea, and maybe its better to dont share game until release?

I dont mean testers who will have to compleate game 100 time in row, I mean those who check game, and share opinion :slight_smile:

Free testers are out there, but how do you find them?
The problem as always is: who has free time anymore
Well this NYT story offers a few hints or ideas maybe! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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