where I can learn blueprint course?

I want to create a game. I really hate code because it hard and can’t understand, just want to blow my mind. So I choice visual scripting. But how it work? Is it have any rule for c++ in game? How can I master blueprint? I want to create a shooter game. I want to understand it and create any game i want. the problem is, I don’t know coding in game have a rule or just create whatever i want. i see a lot of blueprint picture on google image. I try so hard to understand but can’t. I don’t know how it work. I even don’t learn, understand c++, how can I understand blueprint? what is mean loop? what is mean array? what is mean function?just the **** visual text, and text, and text, but how it work? how can i master understand it just like speak english?

Creating a game requires many different skills, not just coding.
For a single player game, you’d do these things:

  • Modeling dead objects (“props”) in a modeling program like 3ds Max
  • Modeling alive objects (“characters”) in a modeling program
  • Creating animations for modeled objects
  • Creating and applying materials/textures for modeled objects in a program like Photoshop
  • Modeling environments (in 3ds Max or Unreal Editor)
  • Creating and applying materials/textures for the environment
  • Adding lighting to the environment (in Unreal Editor)
  • Creating visual effects (this is its own combination of modeling, texturing, materials, lighting, and scripting!)
  • Creating sound effects in a tool like Adobe Audition
  • Creating game music in a tool like Cubase
  • Creating interaction for the various objects and environment (this is where coding/scripting comes in!)
  • Designing the gameplay systems that make for a fun game
  • Implementing the gameplay with all the assets you have (this also requires coding/scripting)

If you want to build a full shooter game of your own, making it the way you want to be, then you have to learn all of these skils.
Each of these skills take at least a year to get started in (and many years to get great in.)
That’s why most games you see are built by teams!

I don’t want to say you can’t make a game. You can! But you have to either scale down your expectations A LOT, or you have to set out a plan for how to solve each and every one of the items above (buying from the Marketplace is a good start.)

Now, to learn blueprint scripting, you can start with the YouTube tutorials from EPIC games. They are pretty good!
Specifically Blueprints; start here:
More generally how to develop in Unreal Engine, you can keep going with the EPIC tutorials, or you can go somewhere like here:

Good luck!

I started with the official series of tutorial and then learned by setting goals and trying to reach them, following any tutorials needed along the road.

I limited the scope of my learning to Blueprint and I’m learning a little of everything when it overlaps with my needs.

If you just want to prototype a game and are not planning to actually release your game (I guess the first step is so prototype, not to ship a game) I think you can do everything by just learning Blueprints :slight_smile:

Good luck and have fun my friend :slight_smile: