Where i can get Assets

hello, i’m trying create a scene but i have less asset, only starter pack
i saw on youtube, people create a scene with so many assets
i’m using UE 4.9, since it the new version, i can’t add open world asset from market to my engine

where i can get those assets?
if can the free one

sorry for bad english

You should be able to add the Starter Pack from Unreal.

Open a new Project. Make sure the Include Starter Pack box is selected. Do you see the three light-grey boxes near the bottom of the picture? Make sure “Include Starter Content” is selected.


Try that again, and let me know if you find anything in your new project. In the Content Browser, you should see a directory called “StarterContent”. It’s all in there.

If that is not what you meant, you need to download the Marketplace items you have purchased. Once you have done this, they will appear in the Vault part of your Unreal Launcher (under Library?). You can Add to Project/Create Project in there.

Just to add: You can also get asets from the Unreal forums, as some people are kind enough to donate their work to the community…

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