Where else can i purchase UE4 assets people have created?

What places are there other than the Unreal Engine market place where people have created and sold assets for UE4 projects?
I want to buy lots of Unreal engine 4 assets. I’m looking around to see what people have created and what they’re selling.

I’ve seen stuff on gumroad. Here is an example of assets being sold Library - UE4 Project

I’s there any more sites like this one? I don’t care if they’re websites are in different languages
I just want to buy assets from around the world if they are of interest to me.

I have a fairly new sellfy store with some stuff on it for sale you can check out

thankyou for showing me.

I think a few users have gone to sites such as, cubebrush and cgtraders from what I’ve seen. But for the most part many tend to stick to the UE4 marketplace as that gives the most exposure.

Thankyou for the information SE_JonF

The ones that i know of and use,
for example projects;

for 3d art;
cuberush, cgtrader, turbosquid, gamedev market (not very good tbh),
(cgtrader is probably my fav)

A good way to search sellfy and gumroad is open up a google and do:
“ unreal engine”
(just a small tip for you!)

Thankyou for the useful information gozu

Try for unreal engine architectural assets