Where does the files need to be?

Hey, i got a question should the foler “ARK-Dev-Kit-release” be in ********** ***** ****\Steam\steamapps\common\ARKDevKit or just the things inside the folder(ARK-Dev-Kit-release?

when in doubt, download the epic games launcher and use that. it allows u to customize where to install it and allows u to update without the hassle of github or a 3rd party

I read a post on Steam that said to download it in Steam and when you open the program you would be re-directed to a site that would tell you what to do next. I know that was my bad because I did the first thing I was told. I downloaded the 37 Gb file and when I opened it I read that I needed to download it again at nearly 100 Gb in the EGL. I’m going to move the files from the “***\Steam\steamapps\common\ARKDevKit” folder to the new install directory inside EGL to see if that will cut back on the file size a little.