Where does one find any turorials on setting up CTF?

I’ve been looking for many hours for any docs/videos that can take a person step by step in setting up a Capture the Flag game mode and scoring system with no success at all. This is kind of shocking to me since Unreal Devs are well known for their implementation of CTF. Anyone have any idea where I can learn to implement this on my own game?

Hi Johnny,

Creating a CTF game is a complete project. You are better off breaking the challenge into smaller pieces and looking for tutorials on those areas.

CTF -> Is it a FPS or thirdperson shooter? Are there AI bots or just players? Is this splitscreen or online multiplayer? You see what I mean?

Start by breaking this down into small enough pieces and look for those things.

But to be a bit more helpful, this is how I would approach this:

Start with the first person shooter template from Epic.
Add the “flag” actor and implement the carrying mechanic (you can attach the flag to a socket in the player’s mesh)
Add the HUD → timer of how long the flag is held, name of player who has the flag, etc
Add bases where you can take the flag and it begins a countdown (when it reaches 0 you win)
Look at adding splitscreen to your project (forget about online for now)
Look at AI bots → there are plently of livestream tutorials on how to set up AI (This is a BIG task)

Hope this helps!