Where does everyone hangout in Voip??

I know this got brought up in the past but I cannot find the thread after hours of forum search…I’m mostly looking to hang out with other amateurs so we can learn ue4 together and trade tips…iv got about 150+hrs invested in tutorials and reading/learning I’m ready to start having that Unreal Talk on a daily basis as I work on my projects.

P.S. this community and everything Epic has offered the people is truly Unreal I’m very grateful for opportunity offered.

Iron sharpens iron

well some of us hangout in the UE4Dev google hangout, its not the biggest group of people but we usually come on everyday and chill with each other.

some of us are amateurs and some are advanced users but we all try to help each other out when we can :). we even had chance drop by once…we scared him off tho lol.

Haha Sweeet sounds good I’ll stop by tomorrow to holler.

Being around like minded individuals is a big deal when it comes to learning and building confidence in what you know in ue4 or anything else, there’s a good chance it can shorten the learning curve by months

Let’s be more proactive in Voip UE4 people

Lol I just clicked this didn’t know what it did thought it was to join a group. think I called you or something