Where do you put the visual script for spawning and generation of objects?

Good day everyone, I’m new to the engine visual scripting thus looking for enlightenment on what to do. Are there an ethics wherein in a specific blueprint most convenient to create the script where generation and spawning of objects are handled? Say do you put those code on the level bp? or in the game mode? or somewhere else? Many thanks!!!

I have separate objects (plural) act as world generators, each responsible for its own kind of thing. The generators that need to persist throughout the entire game session live in the Game Instance, the ones needed in specific circumstances only, spend their lives in the Game Mode. Is it ethical? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Avoid using Level Blueprint for things that are not unique to the level itself. If you place a *collectable items generator script *in *level1 *and then go to level2… guess what, you’ll need to repeat the code. You can, of course, place the script in an actor and add it to each level. Communicating with the LB can be a hassle at times though.

Thanks for the ethics (pun intended). As always very detailed. :smiley: