Where do you guys get your clothes/armor/accessories?

There’s not much on the Epic mp, so I looked at other 3D stores like Daz3D, but there just doesn’t seem to be much out there from what I could see. Where do you get your wearable items?

100% custom made and fit to specific morph targets.

MP stuff is usually just bad.
DAZ stuff usually has bad licensing.

Same 100% custom. Using other peoples stuff makes “your” game look like someone else and for sure will be pointed out as an asset flip.

Daz has gone through a lot of changes as to licensing for use in video games but the G3 and G8 framework are now covered under open source licensing so is fair use as a logical replacement for the Epic base rig. For sure though Daz products are a lot of fun to play with if you have no plans to release the your game.
Another option is you could harvest clothing, hair, and materials off the metahuman resource which is fair use under Epic fair use licensing.

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If you’re a programmer, you prototype with marketplace assets, and if the game is getting “real,” you make friends and partners with an artist.


I’ve been using Character Creator 3. Reallusion has a content store and a marketplace with some nice stuff.

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Is there a proper channel for newbie to learn all this stuff.

Hey TCharliezzz,

A newbie section will be coming soon but in the meantime, please check out this link. It’s the unreal engine documentation and explains the basics all the way to the big kid stuff.

If you need help beyond the documentation, find a good place in the forums, post your problem and people are usually super willing to help out! :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Noted. I will be hunting down made up templates as well. Looking forward to learn from community

I also make all my assets. I just simply can’t use other peoples work . Sure they don’t look like top of the line assets but at least they are my work. And besides, it’s a lot of fun to make them.

As a one-person dev who is more programmer, I don’t mind using stuff made by others, as long as they’re good. There’s no way I’m going to make everything from scratch just so I don’t use something someone else used. I’m not a AAA dev. Efficient use of dev time is a priority.


After two years of making my own houses for my game I am willing to buy marketplace assets that fit the games genre. They actually help me to aim for a high level of quality in the assets i make. In real life objects would come from all different kinds of artisans. I am not a fan of this current thought that “asset flipping” is a bad thing, especially for small indie devs. I am not here to recreate an assets thats going to look 80% the same as a bought asset.

… after 2 years, you still haven’t made a modular pack that you can just use actor merge on to create clean models???

you have no idea of the buildings i am making or what the specification for my game are. I dont want to use modular building techniques each building has its own unique feel and quirk to it. I wanted zero repetition.

Architecture is architecture.
A style is often exactly a repetition.
That’s why most developers make modular assets for buildings.

You can totally achieve individual feel like that of a real city with modular pieces being merged in different ways to produce a whole in engine - or not in engine if you want more control…

To give you an example I have a wall made of separate bricks and a “simulate all” bluetility button.
I hit the bluetitlity button, run the editor in simulate mode, toss a ball into the wall to have it crash to bits.
Save the positions. Stop the editor. Delete excess blocks. And actor merge.
Done. A completely unique broken wall in maybe 20seconds.
Obviously, not all walls are made of bricks and partially destroyed…
But you can do similar stuff with modular parts down to the individual components so long as you also adjust and cleanup the model…

Architecture is architecture is a vapid statement. You have made no attempt to find out what I am actually doing and just proceed with your own belief that modular is the way to do things. You do not know what most developers do, have you done some kind of research into what developers do in their games? My style is the exact opposite it is not a repetition.

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Ok sure.
Let’s re-write over 3000 years of history and say that architecture is not a repetition of styles then.
Good luck on your project.

Hey jaker!

Make sure we’re being civil and respectful to those trying to help. You’re much more likely to get helpful responses :slight_smile:

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