Where do you get your game sounds from?

Hi everyone,

Wondering where you all get your game sounds from for characters, weapons, and environments etc. Do you make your own, buy them from the marketplace, get freebies, or something else?

I make my own for the most part - just curious about what sources people have! :slight_smile:

Usually take a sound pack or even public domain stuff, always throw it into audition or audacity, always blend it with other sounds, pitch it , pan it, stretch it, echo, etc, Technologic, until it sounds unrecognizable, then use that. Toss in a Wilhelm for good measure.

I buy some from Boom Library and they are just awesome - https://www.boomlibrary.com/shop

All of the above. I’m also using music generated with AI –> https://aiva.ai/. Seeking AI generated SoundFX.

Speaking of AI generated sounds… Did you perhaps try this AI driven text-to-speech service too ? https://www.voicery.com/
The demo on their site sounds good but it is not clear if they allow creating audio files to be used in games ?

Thank you @DarkS474,

I inquired about the Licenses. Lets see what they say.

The Sonniss GameAudioGDC Bundle

Over 100 gigs worth of fair use sounds

I use a combo of Soundly app and FreeSounds.org. You can use Soundly free, add a multiple sound wav to the app, then chop it up super easily.
Make sure to read the license agreements so you can use it commercially and give credit where due.

Pretty cool stuff. Never heard of that reddit treasure trove @FrankieV - sweet find!

Freesound.org is a good call - I’m going to be uploading some recordings there soon.

This is amazing! It handles random letters really well so I’m guessing it’s breaking individual words down into syllables first, but from the made-up words I used it knows how to parse strange combinations. I tried it with this, and it read it really well :smiley: