Where do you get your assets?

So I’ve been looking at people’s work and it seems there are few and far between anyone making all their own assets. Sure, walls, floor, and ceilings. But that seems to be the extent of it. A lot of people I see download materials, windows and doors, furniture etc. Set up some lighting and that’s that.

So I pose a question, where do you get all of your stuff? I’ve been spending weeks and weeks making materials and furniture and structures just to get off the ground. I wouldn’t mind a break from that and just having fun compiling it all in UE4.

To everyone else who doesn’t do this, congrats and I’ll be back with you in a bit.

Asset management is a pain… That’s why studios hire technical artists to deal with this stuff.
I’ve been building my asset library for years. Years. Still, takes many hours to have each set of models up and running in-engine because, well, this is the first time I work with Unreal Engine and all my library is in FBX or OBJ format.

Unwrapping seems to be my biggest issue. It’s not that I get errors, it just TIME CONSUMING! I need an easier way to unwrap. Or I’m totally doing it wrong. It’s seriously starting to burn me out and I wanna hang it up and just troll.

Yep… I’m working on a rooftop set right now that I need in game. 150+ models and there’s still have more than 100 models to adjust UV for UE4’s lightmass… Trying not to cry while doing it :wink:
And physics body setup too… It’s marvelous hahaaha

If you are serous about arch iz you need/want to buy high quality assets to save some time. Evermotion, designconnected, dimensiva (this one is free) are great places to start for models. You will have to tweak them tho, like vreaking the models into multiple parts, possibly uv unwrapping them manually. The assets are made for offline renderers!

for textures, Arroway, cg-source have excellent packs of very high res textures (6000x6000 and even more)

for materials, you could give a look at allegorithmic material database 2.0, Eventually Quixel megascans (coming soon)

for lighting, check out IES profile files if you want realistic lighting distribution.

Take a look at:

The UE4 marketplace has 2 furniture packages.

Modern and European.
If you are looking for some models, please take a look on my stuff. Maybe you will find something you are interested in.
I’m using this models in my last project so they are UE ready :wink: