Where do you get income?

Hm…even for 1 man dev, he need money to live…

Where do you get money?

How long it will take to dev one simple Action RPG game? With no Unreal knowledge, should fresh start.

Working a full time job … around 12 to 16 hours a day (including commute).

“A simple action rpg game” … is there such a thing? In any case, it’s impossible to answer that. It depends on too many variables: time and money available, background knowledge (programming, modeling, sound, …), capacity to learn and work, …

Full time job, developing in unreal is just a hobby.

Choice is really simple:
do some commissions for 20$ a hour (average if you include hours lost on support and meetings), be not always paid, not always have something to earn money from, be somebody else b###.
work full time job be paid much much more per hour, be paid every month, always have work, be somebody else b####.

I pick second option. But i am coder, there is no difference if i write while loop for counting something in database, or while loop that counts crafting items in inventory.

And will only go full time dev if it can support me and my hobby.

Full time job.

I mainly work in Unreal on paid projects, but also have random hobbies that I try to make a little bit of money from in my spare time.

Full time game dev job. Managing time is hard but it works most of the time, so I can work on personal stuff :smiley:

Contract 3D artist for now, the pay is decent and I enjoy the work. Hoping to go full time soon because more hours.