where do you get free obj models or fbx to use in UE4 for commercial?

Hi I was told there is something called creative common license or something like that?

where you can just download any obj item you see and import it into blender and then import to UE4?

Is that for real? you can download it and just slap it on your game and viola you are done and you can make money without having to pay anyone? does such a thing exist?

if so please point me to a website.

And also music and sounds can you get it free and use it for commercial use to profit in a game?


Yes Creative Commons licensing is for real.

There are different levels of CC and what you are looking for CC-zero as it’s 100% compatible with UE4 licensing. At this level you can use the asset anyway you wish.

As a starting point the largest resource of free to use assets can be harvested from the Poser community as to fit to finished assets

Good starting point.

Another resource as to fair use is “anything” released by the US government or public departments.

NASA for example has a ton of sound effects free to us as they are already paid by the tax payers. :wink:

Music wise tons there if you look in the right places

Trent Reznor for example makes a fair number of his master tracks, and gigs worth of video, available for mashing and a large number of artists will in most cases give you “permission” to use their works if you ask them.

^ wow thanks buddy much appreciated :slight_smile:


do you have to pay for what you want to download? Was hoping for a site with some free models without paying and can be reused for commercial.

Say I was to get a few obj files, and I used it in my game. Am I likely to get sued by the author? besides I live in a 3rd world without copyright laws anyways and he would be someone of little cash to begin with? So not like I would ever get sued anyways right?

But not like he would be able to take my game file and know the item is his right?

Some you do some you don’t.

Renderosity does sell items but there is a ton of free stuff also available in a lot of different formats.

You can search under free stuff > whats new. Under whats new just type in the search box what you are looking for.

What you are looking for as to licensing is something like this. (you might need to be registered to see it)

Note the license states “This is licensed for commercial or non-comercial use” so it’s CC-Zero.

By the way if someones after free mocap animations.

Not fit to finish so a fair amount of clean up will be needed but it’s a good start.

Another place to look is here


The majority of their stuff is marked as “Personal use only License”

There are a few different formats available at Renderosity but by far anything available with in Poser or Daz Studio format is where you want to look as it is the community that has been giving stuff away for free because that’s what they do. The odds you would be sued is zero. :wink:

As to OBJ the base mesh as part of the package, assuming just props, is usually in OBJ format as part of the package but I would suggest that you download DazStudio, free once again, to catalog and stage your goodies properly. From there you can send it out to any place you like either FBX or OBJ.

Here are two very good sites for such stuff:

For most of them you just have to mention the author, but I would recommend you to always take a look at the copyright :slight_smile:

Oooh thanks guys :smiley:

I feel like I found some treasure chests :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. As a total newbie, can you give me a sense of how I use items from here in unreal engine 4? Do I have to use something like Blender to import items form these sites and then export into some other format? Do I need to setup the skeletal mesh and animations or are those contained in these files? Is there a place where I can download “working characters”? For example, is there a place where I can download a zombie, import into unreal engine 4 and then just use it or do I need to know how to setup the skeletal mesh and animations?


-download a mesh :slight_smile:
-import it into blender
-do some modifications → e.g add a collision, create a heightmap,…
-export it
-import it
-create a material and add the texture
-assign the material to the mesh

When you want to use a skeletal mesh, you can try to import it and probably it will work -> you can use every kind of rigg in the UE4 :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that you can only import obj and fbx files -> all other files must be imported in a 3d program before you can use them