Where do you get assets for UE4?

Is there a resource where you can simply go and download mesh and textures? (for non profit use of course) If there is a site such as that, I haven’t been able to find it. Is it possible to download from the Unity Asset Store and import it into UE4? Is there an asset store for UE4??? And for when I am able to make a game for profit use, do you all make your own mesh’s and textures? Or do you hire people to do that? Sorry for asking so many questions but it seems like forever I’ve been looking for a place to get assets…and I can’t find any!

There will be an asset store, eventually. There’s none now.

Have they given any approximate date as to when that will be implemented?

If you are simply looking for free models and textures (you will have to import them into the engine) to use in a game (non-commercial) there are plenty of websites offering these for free.

They are not designed specifically for use in UE4 for the most part, but a model is a model, and most of them should be able to be imported without further requirements. Some might require fixing in a 3d model app, but for basic models, you shouldn’t have to do too much, just apply the materials in the UE4 Editor.

Have a look at some of these, there are many more, just search google for “free 3d models” or “free textures” etc.

Also, in the launcher go to “Marketplace” (where the asset store will be soon) and you can download any of the samples there and use the models in your project.
Hope that helps. :slight_smile:

There’s plenty of sites through which you can purchase models such as Turbosquid and 3DOcean. They do have some free ones, as well.

It certainly is possible. The majority of assets on Unity’s asset store are in fbx format, which will allow them to be used in Unreal Engine 4. Just be sure to check before purchasing!

That would depend on a case-by-case basis. Some people outsource their content and some create them themselves. It really depends as to whether you have the ability to do it yourself or not. Additionally, if you’re able to put together a demo / working prototype, you could attempt to seek collaborators with the intention of a royalty scheme.

No need to be sorry! That’s the point of the forums and the community as a whole, to help one another. I hope some of the answers have helped and if you have more, feel free to ask.

Thanks for answer all my questions! You were a great help

Are .fbx files the only files that are supported by UE4? If there are others…could you name them for me so I don’t end up downloading all the wrong ones? And I’ve made some of my own mesh’s with textures in Blender and exported them as a .fbx file and then imported them into UE4…but when I drag them into place…they have no texture what so ever…and when I try and import the texture as a seperate entity, and try and apply the texture to the object…it is really distorted and out of place

You can download most others, but you will need to import into blender, then export it as an fbx to use in ue4.

The main one is OBJ will work fine, basically any format that blender can import will work just fine. Sorry I don’t have blender, I use 3ds Max so I’m not sure what file types it allows.

Go into blender, and go to the import screen, and it should show which extensions you can use.

EDIT And not all models you download will have textures already, you may need to add a texture to it :slight_smile:

It is distorted because of the UV mapping. Sometimes it is easier to export the textures separate into UE4, and then re-apply them in the editor.

Here are some good sites:

Ahh this is precisely what I wanted to know, thanks

For those who say I can import the assets from the unity store to ue4…when I press open in unity…it opens in unity and then it says download…I download it and then I can’t manage to export the asset to my desktop or anything…any tips/explanation??

Create an empty Unity project and import the assets through the asset store interface. You can also import a custom package and navigate to the .unitypackage file (asset store downloads should be in “Username/AppData/Roaming/Unity/Asset Store”). Unity will extract the contents to your project folder. Then simply copy them out of your project folder to wherever you need them.

Check this thread:

Once you find the assets (FBX format), just import them in your 3d app and then you can modify them and export them or import them in Unreal.