where do you buy 3d models?

I would like to know where to get 3d models, mainly interested in animal models. and :slight_smile:

The Marketplace might have some stuff too.

~ Jason

I don’t actually purchase them, but I get tons of free models from TurboSquid.

Yes, TurboSquid is a good website for 3d models.

Are you looking for static meshes or animated characters?

You can buy additional interactive licenses for much DAZ 3D content including animals too for use in cooked games where mesh cannot be extracted
for 2D games using sprites the interactive license is not needed just the base price

Old thread I know but thought it worth mentioning that turbsquid takes 60% of the artists income and issues demands for sales and threats to take down artists work if they do no succumb to said sales. It has zero customer to artist interaction and therefore no request or update system in place for quality control or customer longevity. All in all it’s cheap and nasty undercutting the entire 3d market. The old argument that it’s the cheapest/largest and oldest 3D marketplace does not make it the best imo.

If any of this concerns you to any degree, please consider other markets such as the one I personally sell and buy on