Where do we get the FBX plug in?

Im totally new to UE4, having worked with the UDK for about a year now nonstop. Its really addicting, but this UE4 is off the chain for real! The question I had was where do we download the FBX plug in? Is it something that Autodesk provides?

Plugin list

Here are the Maya and Max plugins (latest version 2013.1, the version UE4 uses)

Converter and here’s the stand alone converter.

Most 3d applications should have an up-to-date exporter (Blender 2.7 for example), or the app’s publishers should have a download link. As for UE4 itself, that doesn’t need a plugin since it supports FBX importing from the get go.

Awesome, thanks for taking the time to answer me Anthony

FBX import


Thought I would drop this in here, I suspect there will be quite a bit of FBX talk over the coming months. Has anyone got any info on these issues below?

I am hoping to use UE4 as an architectural walk through tool, and then add in serious gaming components, for example how to operate the cranes…
The main problem I am getting is the engine crashing out entirely. It is hard to tell if this is because of the numbers of vertex, complexity of the models, large set of textures, non 2 by 1 textures…
My questions really are will there be a guide on how best to optimize models for import? Including what UE4 can and can’t handle?
Is it likely that support for the 2014 FBX files is going in the pipeline?

I am letting the error reports fly regularly

jind regards

There are a few known FBX issues that have been fixed since UE4 launched. They will be released in the next update.

What we’ve found is that materials and textures are crashing the importer if they are the same name as each other or the mesh itself when imported from a single file. To work around this issue please make sure your mesh, textures, and materials that are in a single FBX file are uniquely named or that you import them separately.

Another issue we’ve found is FBX files with more than 64 materials for a single mesh. We only support 64 materials per mesh to reduce the number of draw calls needed. Anything above that number will cause performance issues. Any models this large should be broken out into multiple models.

There is no realistic vertex count limit.

have same problem here, when this gonna be fixed pls ? Some materials cannot be import, strange… UE4 crashing

Make sure that none of your meshes, materials, or textures use the same name

Thx that was it :smiley: Strange need fix coz sometime it is needed :smiley: