Where do unreal devs hang out on the internet?

I’ve been searching for online hangouts (people to chat with when I need a break, etc) to sit in while I do stuff with the Unreal Engine . I’ve seen the unrealengine-chat on freenode, but it appears to not be that active when I’m on. I’ve seen the thread for the Skype group, but I’m wondering if there are any other “social” places to hang out regarding unreal other then the forums and the freenode channels.

You’ve got Twitch. I go on there sometimes, but most of the projects I’m working on are under an NDA. I’d be glad to do some side stuff though on one of my streams. Most of the time I’m either animating or modeling something.
Look me up on Twitch: “NightGamerFX”

I use Google Hangouts sometimes but not that much.

Google Hangouts is good for multiple people though…Not sure about Twitch.

Are there already established communities on these platforms?

The IRC and skype group are probably your best options. I did see an idea about a community TeamSpeak server a while back. I think that would be an awesome idea. Not sure what became of it though.

Is the Skype group still going? I have been in the IRC channel sometimes, but when I’m usually active (nights, weekends) it is pretty quiet.

TeamSpeak would be interesting, but it would be hard to work and be listening to people chat away on TeamSpeak. I’d be willing to give it a go if others were interested.

Unreal dev community is still going on skype everyone also goes to google hangout

Hanging out.

Polycount period

Alot of us are on 4chan, come join us, not all /b/tards are animals : )

UnrealEngine Forums? xD