Where do indie devs host their code?

I’ve been dabbling in indie game development for a few months now. I have 2 games in progress right now, a 3rd person shooter and a casual dice game. I’m starting to find out that there is a huge difference between the size of a casual game and something like a shooter where the size of the game is much larger. I’m trying to find a solution allowing me to use source control even for very large projects.

I have been searching for a while and so far the best I can find is GitLab which allows repos to be up to 10GB each. Considering the size of just the KiteDemo content folder is over 6GB I fear 10GB might not even be enough for even a small shooter with 3 or 4 levels. Knowing that indie devs usually do not have a lot of money to throw around it makes me wonder what indie devs usually use for source control.

I also would like to have my source code open source. Can anyone out there provide my with some ideas to look into?

Usually even small studios setup a local Perforce server. A machine dedicated to it.

After I posted this I did find some info about Perforce. Is it free?

Perforce, when set up for a very small team, is free these days (it didn’t use to be.)
Perforce does not have the local history that Git has, but it is better at merging branches than SVN is. It’s kind-of like “git, only server-side.”
The benefit is that it doesn’t store the full history on the clients, so it uses less local disk space.

Another option is to just host your own Git. That’s what i do – my home fileserver allows ssh login, and I simply create a bare repo in my home directory and push to that.
I can also do that for my “unlimited” shared-web host (
After I have a local git repo in my project folder, I can (from the command line) “ssh git init --bare somename.git” and then “git remote add origin” and then “git push -u origin master”
You can do the same thing using GUI git tools, too. You don’t need a particular source control host to do this; just a ssh-enabled shell host with sufficient storage space.

Yes I thought about just hosting my own git server but I was hoping to make my game open source. However that is not a requirement I guess. I was trying to decide about trying something like Perforce or hosting my own git server. How easy is to set up a dreamhost website as git server?

I would have liked to find the following explanation several years ago:
The most easy option is bitbucket with Git Large File Storage is $ 10 / month for 100 GB of cloud service, and use sourcetree (free) to upload the files.

Install any SVN on any Linux distro you are comfortablen with that uses any client you are comfortsble with.

Heck, you can even pull source management off with Rsync.
You definitely don’t need the engine to do it for you.

Thing is. You got to pay for the space.
A full game in development with uncomprrssed textures is upwards of 120GB easy.
Heck, 10x10 8km tiles take 80GB on disk, plus the publish exe folder is around 12gb compressed.

Your own reputable server can cost anywhere from $5 a year to $150 a month.

Just stay away from all major companies that proce gauge like Godaddy, Amazon, etc.

Leaders you can trust would be:

  1. Namecheap if you can snag a dedicated. Then again even their shared offers SSH support somentimes.

  2. Azure, since you dont need anything in terms of Ram to run the services and you can just run Linux on 1GB of ram (pay as you go for the lower Bs tier is aound $18 a month).

  3. Any minor hosting company ofnyour choice where a decent 4gb of ram hosting rack is below $30 a month.

A micro$oft alternative is AzureDevOps.
You pay for it. And it sucks like anything M$ related. But it hooks right into visual studio for you.

The benefit of your own real server is that you can also host your own game’s website and other web stuff.
The downside is you need to maintain it and patch it and alaywas also keep a local copy of the code / don’t ever rely on any service/server to safeguard your data.