Where do I start from?

First of all, English isn’t my first language, so please be merciful on me in terms of grammar and stuff.

Alright. Hi, I am a college student who majors computer engineering.

My college kinda sucks that they don’t teach practical things, so I decided to learn for my own.

I have learned C,C++,and Java. I am not an expert in them though. But I have taken the course
Which means at least I know the basics. (I can make a simple program like a calculator and stuff)

Well, I looked up the several tutorials on youtubes. And I kinda get the feelings of UE4.

However, I see like how they do things, but I can’t really expand things out because the tutorials I watched
Do not really teach the fundamentals. It is really hard for me to understand or make use of them to create my own thing.

And… I have like no idea how should I use C++ in UE4. Lol… all videos deal only with blueprints

Is there any recommendation for me? Should I start learning from a book instead?

I don’t use c++ myself, but after a quick search I came up with two videos:

Unreal Engine C++ Tutorial - Episode 1: Classes - YouTube -this video might be a bit outdated already, but people seem to like the tutorial.

Getting Started with C++ | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube This video is the official tutorial from Epic themselves. Their channel has a lot of good stuff. Emphasis on a lot, you might have to do a bit of searching.

Books are also a great tool to use if you want to learn something, but keep in mind that unreal keeps updating so the older books probably aren’t valid anymore.

Good luck with learning!

Hello, I tried to search it online and found how to learn unreal engine (with C++) full course for beginners on YouTube. I have also watched the same YouTube video to learn and I have learned a lot with the help of that video. If you have written assignments on this topic then you can check here whether they are all good or not. I recommend you to watch that video and I am sure it will help you a lot.

Start with the foundation, which is computer science.
Don’t start with adoption of dud advice which youtube is full of.
Don’t spread this cancer.
Enroll for Harvard’s CS50 course, it’s amazing and it’s not expensive and it will be the most useful thing you’ll learn regardless of your career or hobby choice.
After you finish CS50, go for some in-depth courses published by MIT.
And after that, every time you are not sure how to do something, don’t go looking for a quick tutorial, dig the topic to the ground and go for a course about it.

This is the only way to be actually professional and not yet another random joatmon from the Internet.
This is how you enjoy doing whatever you are doing while also being eligible for a seven figure salary.
This is for sure hard, but everything in this world that is worth doing is.

And also stop using the word “lol”.