Where do I put my EULA?

This link required me to write my own EULA, but where do I put it in my game? Is it in the credits screen? I’ve never had to publish a game with EULA before so this is a first for me.

EULA (End User License Agreement) would be presented on/before install, Just like UE4. - You can also put a text version alongside the game as well.


Thanks for your reply. Sorry for not being specific, I’m publishing a game for Google Play Store. I don’t remember seeing any EULA when installing apps on Android. Only requests for permissions, if I’m not mistaken. But thanks, I think I will just include a text version in my game.

Well I can’t help with the Google play store - Never used it.
You could Display the EULA on the first launch/new game and have the user agree there.


I think google’s EULA covers downloading and installing apps from google play. Just make a screen with your EULA that the player has to accept before continuing on into the game itself.

I realize this is old, but Epic seems to put a link in their product description on the Google Play store. See Match 3.