Where do I place .apk/.obb/.bat files in a Kindle Fire HDX? (games not working)

Hi folks,

  1. I have a Kindle Fire HDX
  2. I downloaded both Tappy Chicken and the Mobile Temple maps for UE4
  3. I ensured that HD was NOT checked in my rendering setup
  4. I packaged projects for both Android and ETC1
  5. I dragged the .apk, .obb, and the .bat files into the Kindle (I didn’t drag the .bat file in at first, only did it later because the games never worked)
  6. I “installed” the games by clicking the .apk files
  7. Kindle claims they installed.
  8. Click on the app buttons to start - Screen goes black, then goes back to home screen. Never starts.

Is there a secret to where I put the .apk and .obb files? I’m attaching a screenshot that shows where I’m placing them all. I have a feeling there’s an unspoken place to put the .apk and I’m violating that rule somehow…


(By the way - Odd thing happened when I first posted this question: the title that showed up was not what I wrote. When I came back to check on my post, I didn’t see it, but realized the title had somehow changed to “lighting” or something. I deleted it and am re-posting with the correct title.)


The bat file is made to be run from the pc this will install the obb and apk files on to your connected device.
You do need to have the android sdk installed and the device attached and set to developer mode.

I’m also running an HDX, rooted with an almost AOSP rom. Looking forward to trying this out on the Snapdragon 800

When I click on the .bat file (on my computer), the command prompt comes up, and says, " - waiting for device - " … do I need to do anything to get the computer to stop waiting? I’ve got my phone/tablet plugged in before I click the .bat.



Yup. And I have my phone/tablet set to debugging mode…

Thanks for the reply, it at least makes me think that it will actually work with the Kindle, I just need to figure out how to do the .bat thing. I double-click it from the PC right? I don’t drag anything over into the Android folder of the phone/tablet?

Thanks again MrFred!

Because of your lead, I read about the “device manager” and realized that I had to update/install a driver for my phone/tablet to be able to communicate with the .bat file. That was the last component I was missing.

Now, I’m able to install the “game” on my Kindle Fire HDX…however, the only level being loaded is a grey cube…but that’s for another post. Thanks so much for your help.