Where do I invert mouse Y-axis for the editor?

Hi! :slight_smile:

Just subscribed and was very excited about getting started, but unfortunately the editor is pretty much useless to me since I haven’t been able to invert mouse y-axis for its navigation.

Couldn’t navigate my way out of a paper bag if my life depended on it without inverted mouse control. :stuck_out_tongue:

Searched the settings but couldn’t find where to invert the mouse, so any help/info on this would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: For clarification: I want to invert mouse y-axis for the viewport navigation specifically, and I’m not referring to “Invert Middle Mouse Pan”.

Thanks in advance!



This is driving me crazy as well. It doesn’t seem there are any options to do this within the editor. People that invert the Y-axis are in the minority but not so much where we are an insignificant lot.

This will do it:


this does not work for me I don’t know why! Help I need inverted Y axis so bad!

Thanks for your reply Steve, but I think those are the in-game settings?

What I’m asking for is the option to invert the mouse Y-axis for the editor navigation.

Hope that clarifies it.

If anyone could tell me whether this option has been added or not, it would be greatly appreciated!



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Sorry I misunderstood before. Although not currently a default feature of the engine, I believe the solution you are looking for is here:

Here is the feature request that you can reference to see if it’s been officially added to the engine: JIRA [UE-7104] (I’ve also upped the community interest for this)

No worries Steve, grateful for your attention and help so thanks for taking your time.

Regarding that suggested solution you linked to, I (and others) already tried it but without success.

Thanks! I fully understand this is a comparably low priority feature, but I hope it will be implemented sometime in the future as it’s the only thing keeping me away from using UE4 at the moment.

Again, thanks for your help and attention Steve, much appreciated!