Where do I get the most detailed and high res height maps for making landscape

there are a lot of confusing and outdated tutorials on the internet and even here on the forums on how to do this, but many of them either don’t work or are offline or the result isn’t that good.

what’s the best or most recent way to get height maps for using with ue4 terrains? doesn’t really matter what place on the earth, I just wanted the most detailed and or high resolution possible

Depends on what do you mean by “high resolution”. There are many free sources like SRTM and ASTER satellite data sets that have resolution of 30m/pixel for the entire world. But I think that the resolution is even better for locations within the US. Check also USGS website for that.

You need to download srtm from open topography, and then use a tool, like world machine or world creator to add details back, exemple using srtm and wc :

I mean the highest resolution possible. I’m sure there’s the entire world in 30m per pixel, but I’ve seen people talking of 1m per pixel or even 50cm per pixel for some places in the UK, I’m just not sure where to get those or even how to convert them to get the full resolution in some useable format for ue4. Maybe there’s. Even better res than that.

thats why I want high res maps, I don’t want to have to deal with sculpting and smoothing pixelated data and adding details, I wanted the smoothest possible maps that one can find

The UK at 25 cm resolution can be found here.

I don’t know how to use this. how can I see where there’s 25cm data available? then how do I download it?