Where do I get information on MainMenu, list servers and connect to a server

I am wanting information on how to implement the EU4 the main menu. Before the player is within the game itself. I know I can use the LGM to the User Interface. But that does not mean that the player is already “connected”?

In the Blueprint, the event begin play, does not match the beginning of the game?

What would be the changes in the project, so the MainMenu an option server list was presented and after choosing, the connection is made?

I thought, perhaps, that the project should have two levels, one for the main menu and one for the game itself.

Someone could say more about that?

You could have a look into the Shooter Game example.

It has a mainmenu and a server list.

This has to do with server advertising and some c++ work. So have a look at the c++ classes in it (:

I think you can help me with one more thing. To use C ++ and Blueprint, ie things written directly in C ++ and some features only in Blueprint. I need to create a C ++ project first, or create a BP project to include code C ++ later? What is the best approach?

That won’t make a difference. You can create a BP Project and add code to the project, but also create the code project directly.

I don’t know what happens to a BP if you want to extend the Parent Class of that Blueprint with c++ after you already made a real big BP. I guess you could just create an empty new BP of that new made c++ class (Child) and just copy paste the whole BP Eventgraph etc into the new one.

But there could also be an easy way. The easiest way is to directly start using c++ classes for your BP. If you want to extend it later you don’t have to think about your old BP.

Both ways require you to compile the game with Visual Studio to get your c++ clases up to date. You can follow the c++ tutorial from Epic Games on Youtube. There they show how to setup Visual Studio correctly.