Where do I get assets/materials/props from a boy and his kite?

The title says it all.

From the launcher you can download the entire project under the learn tab or you can get the open world demo collection from the marketplace

Is it worth downloading it? 14gb…

I realized that I downloaded a demo. How do I download the props/materials and assets?

You can download the ‘open world demo collection’ from the marketplace.

The demo you can download contains all the assets. It wouldn’t run if it didn’t.

Okay but why couldn’t I find the props / materials in my project where I put it into?

…because they’re in the boy and his kite demo project. They don’t automatically get installed into all your other projects too (that would be madness).

But why did I download a 14 gb demo? I thought I was gonna get props/materials from the demo so I could use it in my game?

You need to migrate the assets you want from the Kite Demo to your project.
Load up the Kite Demo and follow the instructions here

this thread is madness.