Where do I find my created questions?

I asked questions yesterday, but finding them would be a nightmare in the question list, is there some log of my questions (and forum posts too perhaps) stored somewhere, I can’t find them.

Anyone? I need to be able to see questions I have posted, else the URLs are gone and I have to dig through the answerhub list for ages, I don’t have that time or patience. So far aside from e-mail notifications, I see nothing, and I would rather block those so that it is not cluttered with hundreds of them to a point of being just spam.

Go to and login
Once logged in, on the SECOND line of the header on the left side of the screen you should see your Login Name and Change Section links with dropdowns. Click on your login name to display a dropdown menu and click on your login name again in that dropdown menu.

Alternately … just enter your login name in the search box :slight_smile:

That is… annoying, forum and Q&A post logging are in completely different and obscure places, why is there no notification system? It’s a waste of time too to just check stuff every now and then instead of getting notifications, what genius made this website, when was it last updated?

Also if you just click on your blue username in any post it should bring up the posts or questions you created.