Where do I find get player controller in Unreal 4.7.6

I am watching video on how to make a runner and it says set control rotation but when i search for the variable it does not show up i need some help. Can someone tell me what that function is called in unreal 4.7.6.
For anyone who answers Thank you

I’m using 4.7.5, and for me I can right click on the event graph of an actor and type “Get Player Controller” and the option is there in the context menu. Similarly, I can do that in the Level Blueprint event graph.

If it’s not there for you, would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you see, and maybe a link to the video you’re following?

I create a video man for you :slight_smile: Here The Video Link.

Sorry about that i had the wrong one that’s what 2 am does to you. I meant set control rotation.

The community is sooooo nice here! A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums my video and my screen!

THANK YOU!!! Very helpful.