Where do I find freelance jobs?

I know of Fiver, DeviantArt and of course right here, is their any other significant site/platform where clients can be found?

I mainly create characters, environments and BP’s. I Haven’t done freelancing since I started using unreal (2014) all I got to show is a good marketplace portfolio.

Hey I_Create_Art,

There’s actually a forum section just for connecting with other developers and potential employers! Follow this link to explore around a bit and even maybe get more suggestions on other places.

Good luck in your job hunting, cheers!

Hey mate if your available im looking for people to join my team in creating a game for my NFT project who have experience in c++/unreal the job will be unpaid as its a community based project but will give you some 3D Cryptolex NFT’S once they are completed as a goodwill gesture.

So many :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post: in a single post…

Hey mate sorry if i haven’t come across right i have a guy now working on a storyboard we provided him so we can showcase what we will be doing…that would of been a better way to post this sorry if i upset you.

Not upset. Ignore me. I am opinionated. When I see NFT mentioned, my spleen starts to hurt.

Curently 99.9% of NFT projects are just scams. Here’s hoping this is the other 0.01%. There’s just a really bad aura around it all.

What always gets me: if the project and the idea are so good, why are the creators unwilling to invest £££ into hiring the right people to drive it home.

But I’m adding another :triangular_flag_on_post: for the responsivness - lack thereof. 6 days is quite the wait to get a response. :slight_smile:

And another one for jumping in on somebody else’s completely unrelated thread. ;p

You posted this in the Off Topic. Have a look at the job section instead if you’re looking for exposure and to hire. There is a recruitment template and all.

But I feel folks there will eat you alive.

Good luck all the same, though.

Thanks for the response…i was only looking for creative people if you have any doubts about the space i work in i would like to invite you to my discord so that you can speak with my team and community to put your thoughts at rest mate.