Where do I change the default test inventory?

Hi all,

I’m looking for the area that defines what the text level default player is holding so I can drop test items into it. Can someone point me to where this data is hiding? I’ve looked around with no luck so far. Thanks.

Hi Gizmoa,

The inventory the player has when testing in the editor is called the Cheat inventory. You can access this, and the spawn inventories inside PlayerPawnTest. In the components section, there is a PrimalInventory, the entries you want to modify are in there. Once you compile PlayerPawnTest with your changes they will be inherited by the default player pawns (the _male and _female ones.)

I know this is an old thread and would seem to have been answered, but when I go to this location I do not see anything about cheat inventory.
In fact the word cheat does not show in this BP at all.



Not entirely sure where you looked but I still have it: Screenshot - 6202768022b108def8873a36ea3ac689 - Gyazo

EDIT: Haha, too late. Good to see that someone else could help aswell. :smiley:

OH THAAAT Components Tab. Sorry I am a nub and I was looking at the Components Category down deep in the list under the Default Tab. OK Thanks Guys. Lifesavers. I have only looked at that tab for inventoriesPB…completely forgot it was there…Wonder what other options I have been missing lol