Where do I begin to make a variant system Like Total War

Hello everyone, I have a quick question. I am new to learning how to make games here on Unreal, I’m trying to learn how to make a variant system very similar to Total War. For I was trying to create a Blueprint for my units to able to be customizable, but with the selection have variants of the type of weapons and armor the unit uses. For Total War’s System use what are called “variant definition files” where it lists the different meshes used for the unit you are designing. Here is a example of the code for the file that I’m talking about:

> <VARIANT_MESH> 	<SLOT name="body" >
> definition="VariantMeshes/VariantMeshDefinitions/se_state_troops_base.VariantMeshDefinition"
> /> 	</SLOT> 	<SLOT name="weapon_1"
> attach_point="be_prop_0" /> 	<SLOT
> name="weapon_2"
> attach_point="be_prop_1" >
> definition="VariantMeshes/VariantMeshDefinitions/emp_state_troops_spears_1h_set1.VariantMeshDefinition" /> 	</SLOT> 	<SLOT name="shield"
> attach_point="be_prop_2" >
> definition="VariantMeshes/VariantMeshDefinitions/emp_state_troops_shields_set1.VariantMeshDefinition"
> /> 	</SLOT> 	<SLOT name="weapon_3"
> attach_point="be_prop_3" /> 	<SLOT
> name="weapon_4"
> attach_point="be_prop_4" /> 	<SLOT
> name="weapon_5"
> attach_point="be_prop_5" />

I’m just wondering How that would work in Blueprint, and if there are tutorals speaking on such a thing. Thank you for your time.