Where do assets download to?

I have downloaded some of the free assets from the Marketplace but I do not want to install them just yet. I am downloading the asset for a few people to install so I’d like to know where it saves to so that I can then copy and paste it to a common location so I and others can then use it.

Instead of copying the files outside of the folder, I would recommend that anyone you want to share this content with instead install Unreal Engine 4 and download the content from the Marketplace themselves. The free content provided by Epic Games cannot be used outside of the Unreal Engine per the terms of the UE4 license agreement, and because they’re built inside UE4 and can only work with this engine. Copying them outside of that folder will also break compatibility with any new engine version, because the content cannot be updated with each new release and will cause problems moving forward.

Ahhhh OK I get it. Thank you for the answer.