Where do artists typically get their assets from?

I see the speed art video’s in UE4 all around youtube, and wonder where they get all their artwork. do they all make their own art, or can you buy it from somewhere. if so is there any place cheap? I see websites like quixel megascans cost LOTS of money and was wondering if I could find maybe lower quality assets somewhere else for a lower price, possibly free.

Hey there!

UE4 offers a lot of official example content for free. I believe you can find it through the Launcher. There’s also a list of free community content in this thread. And if you don’t mind paying, there is also the UE4 Marketplace where you can find all sorts of cool stuff. =)

Artists make their own art. I think you mean level designers. :smiley: They get it from the marketplace and from sites like Turbosquid.

Most of the people doing speed level designs have a collection of assets already made, that’s what makes them so speedy. Megascans is like $20/month I think for the low version, but if that’s too much, JonF nailed it. Epic has provided a ton of content, for free, from their previous projects. If you want something realistic, look for the Paragon and Kite Demo assets.

Also, if you want to play around with particular games’ assets, look at the Modding tab in the Launcher as well. You can download a few different ‘modded’ versions of the engine, usually outdated compared to the standard version, that has all the respective content for the game. I think you’re more limited in that aspect to only use those assets in that version of the engine.