I did a search for truebones posts but nothing is showing …
There was some very useful information just gone …
what happen where are those posts

Why are they removed and is there any way to get those posts back

It was those posts that first brought me to this forum and encourage me to keep using UE4 software with great useful information

Sort it Out Unreal

Looks like he got the banhammer. All kinds of drama posted in his youtube channel.

He’s a spammer who’s been banned multiple times

Stay away from anything related to him. He has been banned from several art and engine forums past few years for thefts, piracy, threats, etc.


Ppl don’t get that this OP is probably him spamming again his dirty “assets” lol

Truebones is indeed a very well known scammer, hence has been banned and posts promoting ‘his’ content removed.

heard this all before, but is there one shred of evidence to support these outrageous claims?

Im just saying, Ive known Truebones since 2000 and hes even listed on the Official Unity Wiki

His assets was also responsible for this video which was made pre 2000 directed by DAVE TYNER
I think UNREAL should be somewhat ashamed for allowing this to happen.

Just because someone is accused doenst give you or (everyone) the right to ROUSTING him.

This forum looks like the midevil stockades to me.

I heard that Truebones tried to leave the Unreal forums and marketplace, but its just a biker gang mentality, they couldnt let him go without damaging his rep.

Like Taylor swift says, Haterz gunna Hate, You forum folks are just plain shameful.

How and when and who is involved with this charade?

Hello again sir

Hi makeamo, the alternative personality or account of Truebones (quick google using your name and some other keywords… https://forum.unity3d.com/threads/truebones-again-threatening-me-with-legal-action.424984/#post-2745677)

Why is it that you or Mr. “Truebones” always gets in trouble everywhere? conspiracy?

Apparently Epic, Unity, Adobe and Mixamo all have it out for him personally, seemingly for no reason at all. Make of that what you will.

That is a shame… From an outsider point of view when you say Epic , Unity , Adobe , Mixamo …there all big corporation that have invested interests …so if any products that an independent person promotes that is a direct conflict of interest will get crushed by the corporations…I don’t suspect it would be any different

I do not know if what you say is true …its some thing a company would say …

So i just have to take it as it is and i wont find those posts or tutorials i was looking for …guess ill find them on you tube …

Thanks reply

Yup, must be some video game Illuminati conspiracy to silence the voice of a small independent developer who definitely has used IP that he doesn’t have legal permission to use in promo videos.

He’s tried to sell pirated content and also been representing products without permission. That’s besides spamming many forums and being a negative influence.

These horrible corporations providing all these tools for making games. Evil, evil I tell you.

one minute he was here the next he was gone. he became like a spook story mothers would tell their kids “if you naughty, Truebones will come and get you and spam you with cheap bad quality anims”.

I just wonder why he does not learn and change behavior.

I’ve formally reached the conclusion that Joe, er, I mean truebones, er, I mean inkdropfalls, is not quite right in the head.

It’s a bit sad because he’s being carrying on like this for a very long time (I first encountered truebones at cgtalk.com over a decade ago) and I fear that he’ll spend the rest of his life bringing one calamity after another down upon himself (whilst always managing to blame everyone except himself).

This made me chuckle, an over the top amazing spectacle of ultimate betrayal:


what a mental patient

This made me chuckle, an over the top amazing spectacle of ultimate betrayal:

Haha, apparently we are all working together against him :rolleyes: