Where did the Wheel Handler for Wheeled Vehicle node go?

I made a vehicle, and was following the documentation on how to get it set up in Unreal. It says I need to add the wheel handler node in the animation BP, but it is not showing up under the skeletal controls. Did they rename it or move it?

The documentation didn’t tell you to choose “VehicleAnimInstance” from the top “Parent Class” list. This should be corrected.

Thanks, that worked. But, after going through the rest of the documentation instructions on setting up my vehicle, I ran into another issue. I set everything else up the way the documentation said to do it. When I went to test it, my vehicle camera is just spinning, and the vehicle appears to flying out of control. Any idea what is causing this and how to fix it?

There may be Vehicle Physics bug. Make sure that the front of the vehicle is on the positive X Axis (towards the right side of the screen in 3DS Max). Make sure to reset pivot transforms in 3DS Max.

I’m working in Maya, but the front of the vehicle is on the X axis. I tried following the provided “Sedan” bp and physics as a guide, but it didn’t seem to help. The thing just spirals all over the place until it hits the kill volume. Been working on this for two days, and it is getting very frustrating. I have looked at many other threads on this same issue, and everything suggested there just makes it worse.

ok i 'm not a maya user so please do as advised , the root bone/joint MUST be at 0,0,0 , x-axis=forward z-axis=up the same for the wheels , make sure the bottom of the wheels are as if the vehicle is on the road.

double check your vehicle blueprint to make sure you haven’t changed the location of the mesh

All of these are true. The forward is X, the up is Z, the root is at 0,0,0. I managed to get it to stop flying around after repainting the influence of the joints in Maya. But, now I am running into a couple other issues. The tires rotate when I press left or right, but it does not move forward. Also, when I bring in a camera to the BP viewport, it shows up on its side. I tried just rotating it 90 degrees, but then the in-game view is always on the side of the car even though the camera is well behind the car.

I also reset the physics to look more like the provided “Sedan” physics asset, and set all tire joints to kinematic. After doing this, upon test play, the camera (and I assume the car) fall through the floor.

This is my event graph in the car bp.
This is car bp viewport (prior to rotating camera)
And this is what happens in game

I fixed the camera issue, but it is still not responding to the forward/reverse actions.

could be your suspention , set the camer so that you see the car from the side and see if the wheels rotate.
check the wheel type and axis is set in the bp
check tha axis input is set in the input setting

Also make sure your wheel BPs are properly setup. I had a somewhat similar issue which I solved by playing around with the Shape Radius value.

My shape radius is exactly half the diameter of the wheels. I just don’t get what is wrong with it. I tried following several different tutorials. Some used influence painting. Some just skinned the joints with a rigid bind. I have set and reset the physics for each joint, using every shape. The root joint is at 0,0,0. Z is up. X is forward. I set the wheels to Kinematic. If I leave the root joint set to default, it flies around the screen like a balloon that just had the air let out of it. If I set it to Kinematic, it sits above the ground, and just hovers. (Gravity IS enabled). If I set it to Simulated, the camera flips 90 degrees to the right, and makes everything on screen sideways. The last tutorial I followed was off of digital tutors, and it still didn’t work. I even tried exporting and reimporting the Sedan mesh and got the same result.

Oh, and the wheels move just fine. They rotate properly and spin on forward/reverse. The car itself just doesn’t move.

ok 2 choices,

  1. move the main/body physics asset up a bit , set suspencetion travel to 0,
  2. pm me a link to your project so that i can download and test

ps tbh i normally use the setting/value from the vehicle demo game when i mess about with vehicles

Thanks to Geodav, I finally got the car working properly. Part of the problem was that although I was exporting the car on the z axis, in Maya you have to also rig it with the z axis up and the x forward. Once I got that fixed and reimported, the only other issue I had was the camera/spring arm kept falling down beneath the car when I tested it even though it was set up above/behind the car. To fix this, I created a socket on the car body, and attached the spring arm to that. Worked perfectly.

Thanks again!